Romi klinger dating a man

It’s unfortunate because this show is the one representation specifically of gay women on television, and it should be one on which a bisexual woman could be fairly portrayed.

Other examples of bisexual women on reality TV haven’t been the best — I’m looking at you, — and so it’s not a complete surprise that Romi has received an onslaught of negative comments directed toward her.

Supposedly Jessica got the bumps from her ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter.

Yung Berg is considered a delinquent parent by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, which has published information on Yung Berg's failure to pay child support.

It seemed very suspect that Romi’s interest in attempting a musical career came about as she began to date men again. In an interview with Ilene, Romi complains that she feels the most judged by the lesbian community.

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Well, that does not and could not ever accurately represent every lesbian/queer chick ever, but this is the one bisexual person they have on the show, and it’s truly face-palm inducing when Romi insists we’re mad at her because she’s bi.Yung Berg had been previously signed to DMX's Bloodline Records as Iceberg but then signed to Epic Records.His debut single was "Sexy Lady", which features R&B singer Junior released in April 2007.She made no mention of her other relationships with both Jay and Dusty, her ex-boyfriends who came back into her life on Season 3 as love interests.Her bisexuality seemed to only factor in when it was convenient this season.

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